Mine.io Project aims the enhanced systemization of the basic processes of the mining industry, that involve asset and process equipment optimization, based on completely data-driven processes and the integrated cyber-virtual and cyber-physical systems, automation and robotization of mining exploration and production processes, sustainable mining and post mining management.

  Firstly, Mine.io will built an open, digital and sophisticated digital infrastructure, developing advanced, low-impact, smart integrated solutions to boost the sustainable discovery of strategic raw materials in Europe. Mine.io project’s concept is to advance Sustainable Mining through the  digitalization of Assets and Process Equipment, and through Mobility, Logistics and Supply Chain Operations advance. Further, Mine.io Solution will be a Holistic Digital Mine Ecosystem, optimizing the whole set of operations, the resource and supply chain management, and the employee safety. Eventually, Mine.io Concept and Solution, will demonstrate the feasibility of the technological innovation in the mining sector in seven real-scale regional-scope pilots.

Innov-acts participates in the Project as a leader in the specification and development of a cloud/ edge based Big Data Infrastructure, and, as a coordinator of Digital Solutions Integration. Finally, Innov-acts  will contribute to the integration of the use cases, as well as to the dissemination, premarketing and exploitation outreach activities of the project.