In today's competitive global environment enterprises cannot afford to ignore the business benefits stemming from the adoption of edge ICT technologies (Cloud, IoT, BigData, CyberSecurity). Innovation Acts Ltd. offer access to a pool of services that enable organizations to adopt and fully leverage these technologies. Our services support large enterprises and SMEs across the whole lifecycle of their digital transformation, from business modelling and system design, to deployment and monetization.

Business Consulting
Our business consulting services drive your operations end-to-end from business case inception and Return-on-Investment (ROI) calculation, to the actual implementation and management of respective projects.  
Consulting services on blockchains
Defining your strategy around blockchain is a necessity; from market-watch to leading research in distributed ledgers, our team in Innov-acts will help you pick the right direction for your company in line with your values.  
Monetizing on blockchain innovation
Having recognized the penetration of decentralized apps which come with the widespread adoption of blockchains in the new Internet of Value, Innov-acts is developing a set of innovative products.
Funding and Grants
We help you attract funding (including grants) in the scope of the most demanding competitive processes, such as EU’s H2020 and AAL programs.  
Research and Development (R&D)
We engage in cutting edge R&D activities in order to boost our innovation capital, improve our products and ensure alignment of our services to the state of the art.  
We provide a rich portfolio of training services on technology, management and organization topics, using multiple modalities including face-to-face and computer based training.