Business Consulting

Our business consulting services drive your operations end-to-end from business case inception and Return-on-Investment (ROI) calculation, to the actual implementation and management of respective projects.

Innovation Acts provides a rich set of business consulting services in a variety of sectors, including ICT, energy, manufacturing, research and development, healthcare, as well as the public sector. We specialize in innovation projects, which leverage leading edge technologies in order to improve business results. 

Our services are turn-key and end-to-end, covering business case inception, business plan development, financial analysis and ROI calculation, as well as ultimate implementation. In conjunction with our services, we can also help in research and development, fund raising, software implementation and management of your business innovation project.

Consulting Services on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the most disruptive enabler of the Digitial transformation of industrial organizations in sectors like finance, manufacturing, healthcare and security. Modern enterprises must therefore consider AI in their strategic agendas, as it can help them improve their competitiveness based on increased automation, efficiency, and less error prone processes

INNOV-ACTS includes a pool of Artificial Intelligent experts that help enterprises design and implement ambitious digital transformations based on AI. Our services to business enterprises help them to: (i) Definition of AI maturity models and adoption roadmaps; (ii) Development of Digital Transformation strategies that consider latest advances in AI; (iii) Planning for the adoption of modern robotic and generative AI tools in key business processes (e.g., sales, marketing, production) in different sectors of the economy; (iv) Training middle and senior managers on how to fully leverage AI for improved business result. Training is offered as part of the INNOV-ACTS training services

Monetizing on blockchain innovation

Having recognized the penetration of decentralized apps which come with the widespread adoption of blockchains in the new Internet of Value, Innov-acts is developing a set of innovative products.

Having recognized the forthcoming penetration of decentralized apps which will come with the widespread adoption of blockchains in the new Internet of Value, Innov-acts has already started developing a set of innovative products. Being currently in the phase of creating a minimum viable product and with a launch planning starting from Q4 2018 to Q3 2019 Innova-acts aims to be a pioneer by disrupting the market with the following innovative products: Blockchain based paywalls for monetizing quality content of media outlets: we are currently investigating and building proof of concept for a paywall based on cryptocurrencies (in particular ETH and XRP) that would let big media outlets implement micro-subscription models for their web readers and pay per view/reading of specific articles through cost-effective micro-transactions.

Anonymized personalization service e-retail: what if you own the whole set of personal/sensitive data and let them be used in third party services through ERC20 based smart contracts? This would bring you full control of your data while the choice of what preference you disclose, when and to whom is part of a user defined contract. Innov-acts is building a minimum viable product to be used in the global e-retail industry, where users are letting e-shops know about their preferences through specific, well defined and loyalty based disclosing of this information.

Integration of invoicing systems with cryptocurrencies: as cryptocurrencies will sooner or later start replacing fiat money as a mean of financial transaction, new technologies and implementation are needed for integrating cryptocurrencies in the billing and invoicing systems of a company. Innov-acts is implementing a horizontal, interoperable and seamless solution where various mainstream cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, DASH, ZEC, XRP) can be directly used in the invoicing systems of the companies.

Funding and Grants

We help you attract funding (including grants) in the scope of the most demanding competitive processes, such as EU’s Horizon Europe (HEU) and Digital Europe (DEP) programs

The company’s grant attraction services cover the fund-raising lifecycle end-to-end, from grant identification and idea inception, to proposal development and grant management. Based on an experienced team we tailor the grant management and fund raising process to the type (SMBs, large industry, NGO), profile and business activities of the customer. Our services are integrated and of high-quality, which maximizes your chances of success in the scope of competitive grant processes and calls for proposals.

Research and Development (R&D)

We engage in cutting edge R&D activities in order to boost our innovation capital, improve our products and ensure alignment of our services to the state of the art.

Innovation Acts conducts research in various areas of future internet technologies, including management of dense cloud networks, edge/fog computing architectures, AI-based BigData analytics and internet-of-things applications involving smart objects. Our R&D activities empower our innovative solutions and boost our product development processes.


We provide a rich portfolio of training services on technology, management and organization topics, using multiple modalities including face-to-face and computer based training.

Our training services span technology, management and organization topics. They include both standard and customized modules, which are delivered on-site, remote, as well as according to blended models that combine face-to-face training with computer based training. We specialize in training on cutting edge technologies including enterprise software, cloud computing, internet-of-things, e-infrastructures, while complementing technical knowledge with the ever important business aspects.