Our Story

Innovation Acts Ltd. was founded by a team of experienced ICT and business consultants, who have a rich track record of providing services for very demanding projects worldwide. The team has successfully delivered more than two hundred projects for different clients in Europe, USA and Canada. Nowadays, our experts have a deep understanding of leading edge ICT technologies including enterprise software technologies, cloud computing, BigData and the Internet-of-Things. This technical expertise in combined with our excellent understanding of the customers’ business needs in order to ensure maximum Return-On-Investment (ROI) for our clients..

Out Team

Our team is a balanced mix of computer engineers, electrical engineers and business consultants with over 20+ experience in the implementation of complex projects for clients all around Europe. Our members combine technical excellence with business acumen, as well as with insight in R&D and innovation management activities, including entrepreneurial activities. The track record of our team members includes:

  • Over 300 scientific publications in peer-reviewed international journals and conferences.
  • Over 5 international patents.
  • Participation with a leading role in over 150 international collaborative R&D projects.
  • Founding of 4 start-up companies in three different countries.
  • Raising of over 30.000.000 million EUR in grant funding in the scope of competitive calls for proposals.
  • Successful delivery of over 100 projects for public sector organizations.