H2020-856632- INFINTECH (https://www.infinitech-h2020.eu/): INFINITECH is a joint effort of global leaders in ICT and finance towards lowering the barriers for BigData/IoT/AI driven innovation, boosting regulatory compliance and stimulating additional investments. It provides: 1) Novel BigData/IoT technologies for seamless management and querying of all types of data, interoperable data analytics, blockchain-based data sharing, real-time analytics, as well as libraries of advanced AI algorithms. 2) Regulatory tools incorporating various data governance capabilities and facilitating compliance to regulations. 3)Nine novel and configurable testbeds & sandboxes, each one offering Open APIs and other resources for validating autonomous and personalized solutions. The project’s results are validated in the scope of 14 high impact pilots providing complete coverage of the sectors, including Know Your Customer (KYC), customer analytics, personalized portfolio management, credit risk assessment, preventive financial crime analysis, fraud anticipation, usage based insurance, agro-insurance and more. INFINITECH will establish a market platform that will provide access to the project’s solutions, along with a Virtualized Digital Innovation Hub (VDIH) that will support innovators (FinTech/InsuranceTech) in their BigData/AI/IoT endeavors. INNOV-ACTs role is focused on the development of the blockchain infrastructure of the project, as well in the provision of training services for AI and blockchain in digital finance.