The HumAIne project represents a groundbreaking initiative in the field of artificial intelligence, focusing on the development of advanced and trusted human-AI collaboration applications. This project is set to redefine interactions in dynamic, unstructured environments across various industrial sectors. Key aspects of the HumAIne project include:

  • Innovative AI Paradigms: Researching and developing novel AI, machine learning, and explainable AI (XAI) methods.
  • Collaborative AI: Creating systems that enhance the synergy between human intelligence and AI capabilities.
  • Comprehensive Benchmarking and Semantics: Ensuring the systems are robust, efficient, and understandable.
  • Data and Visualization Tools: Providing insightful and intuitive interfaces for human-AI interactions.
  • Hybrid Decision Making and Support: Fusing AI insights with human judgment for superior decision-making processes.
  • HumAIne Operating System: A unique OS that orchestrates various AI components, facilitating the integration of these systems for practical applications.

The HumAIne OS aims to empower solution integrators to implement cutting-edge Human-AI collaboration systems, outperforming the capabilities of individual AI systems and humans working separately. It is designed for accessibility, allowing even non-expert users to leverage its advanced functionalities.

INNOV-ACTS leads the Exploitation and Sustainability Planning of the project. Our role includes contributing to the architectural design of the HumAIne platform, co-developing the Swarm Learning Models, and contributing in the technical implementation of the project’s financial use cases.