The hAlt project aims to create awareness on the benefits of table tennis to the human brain, particularly for older adults, in cooperation with table tennis clubs, sports organizations, universities on sports science and technical partners. hAlt will engage people with (or at risk of developing) Alzheimer’s disease or dementia and initiate them to table tennis activities. The project will also offer them specialized training by adequately trained table tennis coaches, and monitoring their activity and biosignals using a gamification application for attracting more peers. INNOV-ACTS is involved in the implementation of the project’s e-learning platform and the development of wearables to monitor the progress made by people with dementia. INNOV-ACTS will also transfer the entire content as an online course using innovative tools though a modern multilingual and fully responsive e-learning platform, which will offer a modern and responsive interface to the older trainees. Additionally, this platform will provide distance self-learning features, thus creating a smooth personalized experience for the participating older trainees, as well as their personal caretakers, families and children.