HE-101092639-FAME: FAME is a joint effort of world-class experts in data management, data technologies, the data economy, and digital finance to develop, deploy and launch to the global market a unique, open, publicly accessible, trustworthy, energy efficient, and secure federated data marketplace for EmFi, which will offer novel decentralized programmable pricing and trading of data assets. The FAME data marketplace will alleviate the proclaimed limitations of centralized cloud marketplaces towards demonstrating the full potential of the data economy. In this direction, the project will enhance a state of the art data marketplace infrastructure (namely the H2020 i3-MARKET marketplace) with novel functionalities in three complementary pillars namely:

  1. Secure, interoperable, and regulatory-compliant data exchange across multiple federated cloud-based data providers in-line with emerging European cloud initiatives like GAIA-X;
  2. Decentralized, programmable data assets trading and pricing leveraging blockchain tokenization techniques (including support for accruing data assets value in NFTs);
  3. Integration of trusted and EE analytics based on innovative technologies such as Quantitative Explainable AI (XAI), Situation Aware Explainability (SAX), incremental energy efficient analytics, and power-efficient edge analytics.

INNOV-ACTS will provide both technical and consulting services on the project. Notably, it will contribute to developing the project’s permissioned blockchain and smart contracts infrastructure as well as assets (i.e., data and applications) leveraging the primary data of FAME. Moreover, INNOV-ACTS will lead the development of the project’s Learning Center and will support the project’s technical and scientific management.