Development of the hAlt project’s e-learning platform

In the hAlt project, INNOV-ACTS is designing, developing and deploying the e-learning Platform and online community on Dementia and Sports.

This intellectual output is primarily divided into two distinct parts in order to achieve successful completion:

(a) technical aspects of the platform, including the platform’s “look-and-feel” based on the visual identity of the project and the proposed “functionality” that it should provide,

(b) the incorporation of the content produced in other tasks of the project, including the respective translations, final testing and “proof-of-operation” aspects.

With respect to the technical aspects, INNOV-ACTS has developed the e-learning platform at a “testing environment” ready for public deployment and launch. The platform contains relevant educational material, the project’s curriculum and additional content in different languages.

The platform will be finalized and tested during the hAlt project’s pilot phase, where feedback and valuable input will be received by project partners, end-users and relevant stakeholders.

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