Get to know better the project is developing a platform for the digital transformation of mines. As a first step, the project is working on the architecture networking part of this industrial platform, based on the 4+1 architectural view model, and leveraging industry best practices and standards like the Industrial Internet Reference Architecture (IIRA).

A typical architecture for a digital mine platform includes sensors, connectors to networks, middleware for data processing and various types of digital twins.

IIRA comprises a common architectural template for designing industry-oriented Industry IoT systems, using common vocabulary to describe business, usage, functional and implementation viewpoints. The 4+1 view model constitute a software pattern, consisting of the logical, development, process, physical and use case-scenario view and can be bridged with the IIRA as follows: Logical view maps to Usage viewpoint, Development view to Functional viewpoint, Process and Physical view to Implementation viewpoint, and Use case – Scenario to Business viewpoint.

As a starting point regarding, we have initiated to develop a hypothetical Logical view basedon the functionality that our system will provide to the end-users. Furthermore, we have been trying to elicit the sequences of activities involving human or logical users that deliver its intended functionality in achieving its fundamental system capabilities.

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