FINSEC is “Integrated Framework for Predictive and Collaborative Security of Financial Infrastructures”. The project is an Innovation Action that is co-funded by the EC as part of the H2020 program (Grant number 786727).


The project starts on the 1st of May 2018 and ends on the 30th of April 2021 (Duration 3 Years).

FINSEC intends to become a flagship project which will develop, demonstrate and launch to the market an integrated, intelligent, collaborative and predictive approach to the security of critical infrastructures in the financial sector. To this end, FINSEC will introduce, implement and validate a novel reference architecture for integrated physical and cyber security of critical infrastructures, which will enable handling of dynamic, advanced and asymmetric attacks, while at the same time ensure financial organizations compliance to security standards and regulations. In this way, FINSEC will provide a blueprint for the next generation security systems for the critical infrastructures of the financial sector.


MEDICATION (Smart Medical Platform System Integration) is an experiment of the DIATOMIC project in the Health sector. DIATOMIC (grant agreement No. 761809) is an exclusive network of Digital Innovation Hubs with a goal to bring new microelectronics-enabled products, processes, and business models to life.

In-hospital medical errors include wrong medication or inaccurate therapy, which may result from temporary injury to mortality. “Never Events” MEDICATION aims to decisively decrease medical delivery errors in the hospital value chain. The project will integrate smart patients’ wristband tags, smart medical trolleys and smart drags/pills packages along with the relevant platform and mobile app that will act as a medical treatment coordinator for doctors, nurses, clinicians, careers and patients. Overall, MEDICATION will provide a holistic solution to the hospital medication domain and offer error free hospital medication processes along with direct and indirect cost savings.
InnovActs' role: InnovActs leads the development of the Hospital Backend Information System (HBIS) and the Medication Distribution Application (MDA).


“Orchestration of financial services on-demand”
EIT Digital, Action Line ID: 2.5 FI (Digital Finance) Activity ID: 18175
OFION is bringing a new improvement and is further reducing time-to-cash, while bringing additional advantages such as trust, best demand/offering match or speed. It is a complete hub for all your invoice financing needs, from the optimal invoice factoring choices and cross-provider workflow execution, to the innovative value-added services for partner and customer onboarding and blockchain-based fraud prevention. OFION is connecting and executing invoice financing workflows spread over multiple stakeholders, including e-invoice service providers, Fintech companies or invoice related cloud services, such as cloud-based ERP (enterprise resource planning) or accounting software.
INNOV-ACTS participates in the project as a Sub-contractor for the design and implementation of e-invoicing solutions based on blockchain technology. In particular,  INNOV designs and implements e-invoicing solutions based on distributed ledger technologies, including blockchain-based data sharing and implementation of invoicing interactions based on smart contracts.


 eInfrastructure Reflection Group Support Programme6
The project is a Coordination and Support Action that is co-funded by the EC as part of the H2020 program (Grant number 823761). The project starts on the 1st of January 2019 and ends on the 30th of June 2022 (duration 30 months)

e-IRGSP6 will provide the core services to the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG). The project will support e-IRG in its activities producing high-level policy recommendations towards the implementation of EOSC, EDI and the e-Infrastructure Commons overall. The activities include the operation of the secretariat, i.e. organization of e-IRG and outreach events and provision of secretarial support to e-IRG, its Chair and Executive Board. The provision of editorial support during the preparation of policy documents, as well as the support to e-IRG working groupsand task forces are also vital services needed by e-IRG. The communication and lie-IRGSP6 will provide the coreservices to the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG). The project will support e-IRG in its activities producing high-level policy recommendations towards the implementation of EOSC, EDI and the e-Infrastructure Commons overall.

INNOV-ACTS LTD will provide assistance to the e-IRG Chair and board and the hosting country of the EU presidency for the organization of delegate meetings and workshops. It will also be highly involved in the creation of policy documents of e-IRG towards the implementation of EOSC, EDI and beyond, and will support the dissemination and outreach activities of the project.


SecureGas focuses on the 140.000Km of the European Gas network covering the entire value chain from Production to Distribution to the users, providing methodologies, tools and guidelines to secure existing and incoming installations and make them resilient to cyber-physical threats. Three business cases, addressing relevant issues for the Gas sector andbeyond (e.g. oil), have been identified so that to ensure the delivery of solutions and services in line with clear needs and requirements, focused on: risk-based security asset management of gas transmission and distribution networks; impacts (economic, environmental and social) and cascading effects of cyber-physical attacks on interdependent and interconnected European Gas grids; integrity and security, through the operationalization of resilience guidelines, of strategic installations across the EU Gas network.

SecureGas tackles these issues by implementing, updating, and incrementally improving extended components, integrated and federated according to an High-Level Reference Architecture built upon the SecureGas Conceptual Model, a blue print on how to design, build, operate and maintain the EU gas network to make it secure and resilient against cyber-physical threats.

INNOV-ACTS LTD will be involved in the development of the service components, as well as in the implementation activities related to the project’s innovative tools for information sharing to public and civil bodies. It will also be involved in the implementation of the tool for one of the project’s business cases as well as on the certification mechanisms related to safety and security standards. It also lead the project’s standardization activities.


INFINTECH is “Tailored IoT & BigData Sandboxes and Testbeds for Smart, Autonomous and
Personalized Services in the European Finance and Insurance Services Ecosystem”. The project is an Innovation Action that is co-funded by the EC as part of the H2020 program (Grant number 856632).

The project starts on the 1st of October 2019 and ends on the 31th of December 2023 (duration 39 months).

Despite rising investments on BigData, AI and IoT in finance/insurance, financial and insurance organizations are still facing many challenges (i.e. data “silos”, regulatory complexity, lack of testbed resources) in realizing the full potential of these technologies. INFINITECH is a joint effort of global leaders in ICT and finance towards lowering the barriers for BigData/IoT/AIdriven innovation, boosting regulatory compliance and stimulating additional investments. It will provide:

1)Novel BigData/IoT technologies for seamless management and querying of all types of data, interoperable data analytics, blockchain-based data sharing, real-time analytics, as well as libraries of advanced AI algorithms.

2)Regulatory tools incorporating various data governance capabilities and facilitating compliance to regulations.

3)Nine novel and configurable testbeds & sandboxes, each one offering Open APIs and other resources for validating autonomous and personalized solutions.

The project’s results will be validated in the scope of 14 high impact pilots providing complete coverage of the sectors, including Know Your Customer (KYC), customer analytics, personalized portfolio management, credit risk assessment, preventive financial crime analysis, fraud anticipation, usage based insurance, agro-insurance and more. INFINITECH will establish a market platform that will provide access to the project’s solutions, along with a Virtualized Digital Innovation Hub (VDIH) that will support innovators (FinTech/InsuranceTech) in their BigData/AI/IoT endeavors. Based on their strong footprint in the European digital finance ecosystem, the partners will engage stakeholders from all EU-28 countries, making INFINITECH synonymous to disruptive BigData/AI innovation in the target sectors.

INNOV-ACTS LTD will participate in tasks dealing with blockchain-based data sharing and the market platform. In particular, it will contribute to the design and implementation of the blockchain infrastructures of the project for decentralized and interoperable data sharing. Moreover, it will contribute to the provision of innovation management services as part of the market platform of the project and the virtualized digital innovation hub of the project.