TREEADS ( is a #EUGreenDeal #H2020 project consisting of 47 partners from fourteen European countries and Taiwan. Motivated by the need for a more effective, science-based wildfire management and risk-informed decision-making, the TREEADS consortium will deliver a unifying ecosystem for integrated fire management and sustainable forest management.

The project will build upon state-of-the-art high TRL products and unite them in a holistic Fire Management platform that optimizes and reuse the available Socio-technological Resources in all three main phases of Wildfires. By setting a multi-stakeholder, multi-actor approach at its core, the TREEADS solution will contribute to sustainable development as an inclusive societal process and secure sustainability and resilience of human societies as well as the natural environment. TREEADS solutions will be demonstrated and validated under actual operating conditions.

The demonstrations will involve eight complex pilot implementations executed in seven EU countries (Romania, Spain, Italy, Greece, Norway, Austria, Germany) and Taiwan. The TREEADS project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 101036926.

INNOV-ACTS is the leader of the exploitation activities of the project, while engaging in various evaluation and impact assessment activities.