Pledger DLT: Coupling SLAs to Smart Contracts & Operating Use Cases DApps

Blockchain SLA Management and the Use Cases DApps are delivered and hosted on the Pledger DLT*. Pledger *SLASC Bridge is deployed on the DLT and operates the corresponding coupling procudures, while UC-DApps the UC-related blockchain activities.

As described in D4.5 Smart Contracts and DApps implementation tools II, Pledger SLASC Bridge is creating and submitting the Smart Contract Equivalents of SLAs configured through Pledger ConfService. The corresponding and implemented SLASC Bridge objectives are illustrated through the movie. With regards to the supported use cases, their respective DApps are hosted on the DLT, governing data tracing and storage on the blockchain network. Sensitive log and smart contract data can be accessed by dedicated trusted users.

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