SecureGas Project Review

The Project

The SecureGas project focused on the 140.000 km of the European gas network covering the entire value chain from production to distribution to the users, providing methodologies, tools and guidelines to secure existing and incoming installations and make them resilient to cyber-physical threats. Three business cases, addressing relevant issues for the gas sector and beyond (e.g. oil), have been identified to ensure the delivery of solutions and services in line with clear needs, e.g. risk-based security asset management of gas transmission networks, impacts and cascading effects of cyber-physical attacks on interdependent and interconnected European gas grids etc. SecureGas has tackled these issues by implementing innovative extended components integrated according to a High-Level Reference Architecture built upon the SecureGas Conceptual Model, which is a blueprint on how to design, build, operate and maintain the EU gas network to make it secure and resilient against cyber-physical threats.


INNOV-ACTS has been involved in the development of different innovative tools and systems, which were tested and validated in various security scenarios during the pilot demonstrations onsite gas operators in Greece, i.e. DEPA Gas Transmission and EDAA Gas Distribution.

Particularly, INNOV-ACTS led the development of a Video Analytics Component which was based on an existing commercial software (AxxonSoft Video Solution) in order to recognize movement of people and abandoned vehicles parked in front of video cameras, which can thus provide safety surveillance to any critical infrastructure operator’s secure zones. Additionally, the Presence Analytics Component was implemented, being capable to detect people’s presence by scanning their WiFi-enabled mobile devices within the gas facility areas. Furthermore, environmental sensors were deployed in order to measure different types of environmental elements, e.g. temperature, CO concentration, luminosity etc., which were then sent to SecureGas backend systems for further processing. Finally, INNOV-ACTS implemented an innovative software solution for sharing risk-aware information necessary to the national authorities in case of serious security incidents in gas infrastructure sites, which has been designed following the renowned METHANE model and was developed with an intuitive user interface providing an overview of all security incidents to gas operators in different languages, i.e. English, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian or German.

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