UNDERPIN addresses the vision of European Digital Single Market with the idea of a European-wide Data Space for Manufacturing for dynamic asset management and predictive/prescriptive maintenance. European manufacturers in the refinery and renewable energy domains, their value chain ecosystem of SMEs and governmental, research and civil society stakeholders will be equipped with sustainable and secure yet user friendly Data Space aiming at improving processes, cost structure and material management via beyond the state-of-the-art data analysis. The solution is compliant to EU standards, Data acts, IDSA and GAIA-X guidelines encompassing enterprise-ready infrastructure and tools to accommodate secure and trusted data, improving company operations.

UNDERPIN Data Space will provide a cross-organizational and cross-use-case data sharing and exchanging, a solution that ensures data sovereignty, with strong focus on the interplay of SMEs and large industry players to improve products and services. Demonstrators in the demanding and diverse oil refinery and wind farm domains will be implemented. UNDERPIN will ensure higher performance, better insight on asset critically, reduced overall downtimes and maintenance costs, extended machine usage periods, improved future machine designs, new service models, improve production line operations, company-internal processes, increased usability and enhance business opportunities for industrial data value added services, supporting the transition towards circular economy. UNDERPIN will make use of existing embryonic data space of the lead partner Motor Oil.

This will be transferred to existing mature Data Space technology to ensure security, interoperability, scalability, high performance, increased usability, standards compliance. UNDERPIN develops a trust framework, a sustainable business model for the Data Space operator Motor Oil, and implements a Europe-wide scale-out plan to establish a European Data Space for Manufacturing.