The European Research Data Landscape study (European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, European Research Data Landscape : final report, Publications Office of the European Union, 2022, looks at researchers’ practices in producing, reusing and depositing data, and in making it FAIR, as well as examining the research data repository landscape. The findings of the study show that while certain FAIR practices are being adopted and researchers are motivated by the ideals of Open Science, obstacles still remain to make data FAIR.

RAISE science vision is that the EOSC “Web of FAIR Data and Services for Science” becomes an open, fair, and reliable Research Community where every researcher is accredited for their work and all research data is equally accessible for processing without violating data protection regulations. In line with this vision, the mission of RAISE is to provide the infrastructure for a distributed crowdsourced data processing system, moving from open data to open access data for processing. RAISE will provide the mechanism for sending the algorithm to the dataset instead of sending the data to the algorithm. RAISE stands for “Research Analysis Identifier System”, a unique concept for sharing and processing data that enables the research community to publish their work with evidence-based authenticity (RAI) of the data analysis performed, ensuring at the same time the accreditation of their work.

Innov-Acts main role is to contribute to the requirements elicitation from the RAI
community, via an agile, co-creation iterative process, and support the consortium in liaising with the EOSC experts and the community overall.

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