“Orchestration of financial services on-demand”EIT Digital, Action Line ID: 2.5 FI (Digital Finance) Activity ID: 18175OFION is bringing a new improvement and is further reducing time-to-cash, while bringing additional advantages such as trust, best demand/offering match or speed. It is a complete hub for all your invoice financing needs, from the optimal invoice factoring choices and cross-provider workflow execution, to the innovative value-added services for partner and customer onboarding and blockchain-based fraud prevention. OFION is connecting and executing invoice financing workflows spread over multiple stakeholders, including e-invoice service providers, Fintech companies or invoice related cloud services, such as cloud-based ERP (enterprise resource planning) or accounting software.INNOV-ACTS participates in the project as a Sub-contractor for the design and implementation of e-invoicing solutions based on blockchain technology. In particular,  INNOV designs and implements e-invoicing solutions based on distributed ledger technologies, including blockchain-based data sharing and implementation of invoicing interactions based on smart contracts.