MEDICATION (Smart Medical Platform System Integration) is an experiment of the DIATOMIC project in the Health sector. DIATOMIC (grant agreement No. 761809) is an exclusive network of Digital Innovation Hubs with a goal to bring new microelectronics-enabled products, processes, and business models to life.

In-hospital medical errors include wrong medication or inaccurate therapy, which may result from temporary injury to mortality. “Never Events” MEDICATION aims to decisively decrease medical delivery errors in the hospital value chain. The project will integrate smart patients’ wristband tags, smart medical trolleys and smart drags/pills packages along with the relevant platform and mobile app that will act as a medical treatment coordinator for doctors, nurses, clinicians, careers and patients. Overall, MEDICATION will provide a holistic solution to the hospital medication domain and offer error free hospital medication processes along with direct and indirect cost savings.
InnovActs’ role: InnovActs leads the development of the Hospital Backend Information System (HBIS) and the Medication Distribution Application (MDA).