Legality Attentive Data Scientists


LeADS ETN (MSCA-ITN-2020- 956562) is a research and educational program trains a new interdisciplinary professional figure that we call Legality Attentive Data Scientist or LeADS. LeADS will be an expert in data science and law expected to work within and across the two disciplines, a leader in bridging scientific skills with the ethic-legal constraints of their operating environment.

LeADS will develop a data science capable of maintaining its innovative solutions within the borders of law – by design and by default – and of helping expand the legal frontiers in line with innovation needs, preventing the enactment of legal rules technologically unattainable.

The emergence of data science has raised a wide range of concerns regarding its compatibility with the law, creating the need for experts who combine a deep knowledge of both data science and legal matters. The EU-funded LeADS project will train early-stage researchers to become legality attentive data scientists (LeADS), the new interdisciplinary profession aiming to address the aforementioned need. These scientists will be experts in both data science and law, able to maintain innovative solutions within the realm of law and help expand the legal frontiers according to innovation needs. The project will create the theoretical framework and the practical implementation template of a common language for co-processing and joint-controlling basic notions for both data scientists and jurists. LeADS will also produce a comparative and interdisciplinary lexicon.

LEADs will recruit 15 ESRs and envisions to enroll all ESRs in a PhD program.

INNOV-ACTS will contribute to the LEADS project through the supervision, training and research activities of ESR. INNOV-ACTS is part of the supervisory board of the LEADS project. The company is involved in offering training modules aiming to increase ESRs’ hard and
soft skills. INNOV-ACTS will also be hosting a number of ESR secondments aiming to support ESR research training with hands-on examples from the fields of AI, data analytics and security. INNOV-ACTS will also offer individual project mentoring aswell as mentor the career development plan of a number of ESRs.