H2020-786727-FINSEC (https://www.finsec-project.eu/): FINSEC develops, demonstrates and launches to the market an integrated, intelligent, collaborative and predictive approach to the security of critical infrastructures in the financial sector. It introduces, implements and validates a novel reference architecture for integrated physical and cyber security of critical infrastructures, which enables handling of dynamic, advanced and asymmetric attacks, while at the time ensure financial organizations compliance to security standards and regulations. In this way, FINSEC will provide a blueprint for the next generation security systems for the critical infrastructures of the financial sector. INNOV is involved in the development of the Dashboard where the Cyber-Physical Threat Intelligence information is visualized to the end-users (security officers). It has also an active role in the data/semantic modelling tasks of the project, as well as in the development of the marketplace of security solutions of the project, which is available at: https://finsecurity.eu/.