This is a solution for sharing security data across stakeholders of the financial services supply chain. It is based on blockchain technology and does not require a trusted third party for hosting and managing a database of shared security information. It also leverages the data immutability and integrity of blockchain infrastructures. The solution is enabled by blockchain Ethereum GETH nodes. The blockchain nodes are responsible for the verification of transactions which encapsulate messages and synchronization of the messages to all other nodes. Based on the sharing of data, the solution provides a foundation for collaborative security services such as collaborative risk assessment between two or more stakeholders of the financial services supply chain. To this end, the infrastructure supports also access to blockchain data via (Open) APIs.

The solution defines a new architecture for adaptive and intelligent data collection and analysis using cyber and physical security probes when deployed and connected to the Reference Architecture (RA) of the FINSEC project which can also be generalized in many Financial Technology environments.