The 2nd Physical Project Meeting and 4th General Assembly Meeting was held in Avila (Spain) on 22nd and 23rd of June 2023.

The meeting served as a significant milestone for the project, as it provided a comprehensive review of the progress achieved during the first half of the project’s duration. The meeting featured two distinguished keynote speakers who delivered insightful presentations. Daniel Moya, representing the FUEGORED network at UCLM, shared valuable insights on tools aimed at wildfire prevention and restoration. Rodrigo Gómez, the ICT head of CECEFOR, introduced a digital tool designed to enhance collaboration and streamline planning for municipalities in Spain regarding wildfire management.

The meeting strongly emphasized advancing technical and management aspects, leading to productive discussions. A robust and efficient plan was devised to ensure the timely completion of upcoming Deliverables, leaving all partners energized and motivated to carry out their project activities.