On the 20th – 22nd of September 2023, the European Open Science Cloud Symposium was held in Madrid, Spain. The European Open Science Cloud Symposium brought together researchers, policymakers, and representatives from various EOSC projects to discuss the development of the European Open Science Cloud and the future of the European Data and Infrastructure ecosystem.

The EOSC Symposium 2023 commenced on September 20th, 2023, with an engaging lineup of sessions dedicated to technical milestones, community engagement, and user demonstrations. Day 2 centered around advancing the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) to a global level, featuring breakout discussions and plenary sessions exploring the latest developments in EU and Member State missions, national monitoring tools and guidelines, and the intersection with Open Science ecosystems beyond Europe. The symposium concluded on Day 3, marking the culmination of the insightful discussions and laying the foundation for the establishment of the prestigious EOSC Federation.

The RAISE project was presented by Dr. Gorka Epelde Unanue (RAISE technical coordinator ), who delivered a presentation on the achievements of the RAISE project within the context of the EOSC Association Task Force PID Policy and Implementation. The session, titled “Persistent Identifiers (PIDs),” focused on highlighting the work and accomplishments of various initiatives, including the EOSC Association Task Force PID Policy and Implementation, FAIRCORE4EOSC, and the RAISE project. Additionally, the session encouraged reflection on the remaining aspects that need to be addressed in this field.

During the insightful RAISE presentation, the audience was captivated by the Research Analysis Identifier (RAI id) and its immense potential as a persistent identifier (PID) concept. The RAI id serves as a key component of a distributed crowdsourced data processing system, facilitating the seamless transition from open data to open data for processing while upholding the principles of FAIRness. Attendees displayed a remarkable level of interest, eagerly anticipating the next steps in its development.

The implementation of the RAI id was outlined, shedding light on the intricacies of its development process. The presentation also provided a comprehensive overview of the RAISE service ecosystem, delving into the various components and their contributions. Furthermore, the anticipated outcomes of the RAISE project were detailed, cementing its role in enhancing research practices and fostering FAIR principles.

The RAISE project had a dedicated booth, the significant contribution of the dedicated support which provided by esteemed individuals during the project’s booth presence at the exhibition. Dr. Gorka Epelde (VICOM), Ms. Despoina Petsani (AUTH), and Dr. Fotis Karayannis (Innov-acts) graciously extended their expertise in responding to technical inquiries regarding the implementation of our project.

The EOSC Symposium 2023 provided a remarkable platform for the EOSC Community and its extended network to convene and partake in profound discussions fueled by a shared passion for data infrastructure. As an esteemed member of the EOSC family, the RAISE project experienced a profound sense of honor in participating in this prestigious event, actively contributing to the advancement of research through its groundbreaking outputs.