On March 3rd, 2022 the PHYSICS project had the opportunity to present the recent project outcoming in the frame to the technical community at an event organized by Horizon Cloud.

During the event, the motivation framing the PHYSICS project alongside with the project’s goals, objectives and use cases. The introduction to the PHYSICS project was followed up by the presentation on the PHYSICS Function-As-A-Service (FaaS) approach and the design environment for FaaS. In particular, the presentation discussed the characteristics of FaaS as well as the challenges of application development in the FaaS model. Then, it also introduced the audience to the PHYSICS Design Environment and patterns employed to support reusability, manageability and abstracted functionality.

The presentation was followed up by a Q&A session through which participants had the opportunity to ask questions and project partners could elaborate further on specific aspects of the project as well as on its future steps.

More information about the PHYSICS project is available HERE
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