INNOV-ACTS recently participated in the Kick-Off Meeting (KOM) of the HumAIne Horizon Europe project. The KOM was held in Milan, Italy on the 6th and 7th of November and hosted by GFT Italia. The project is aimed at exploring AI solutions that promote human-AI collaboration in the workplace, opening up new avenues for efficient decision-making processes.

The HumAIne project seeks to answer the pressing questions of what if machine learning and artificial intelligence systems were not just about automating simple tasks based on simple state machines, but could support entire workflows where humans interact with AI systems?

What if MLOPs infrastructures were not just about deploying and automating ML workflows, but rather workflows involving human interactions as well?

This could give rise to a new class of AI systems that emphasized human interaction and enable them to support tasks that cannot be accomplished with machines alone.

During the KOM, there were productive discussions on various research questions, including the role of human intelligence in workflows involving AI. The project focuses on novel approaches like swarm intelligence, neurosymbolic AI, and active machine learning, that prioritize human-AI collaboration over classical machine learning.

The ultimate goal of this project is to demonstrate how human-AI collaboration can be more efficient in some use cases compared to humans or AI systems operating alone. This project has the potential to shape the future of AI.