Innov-Acts presents the SLASC Bridge and the Wallet.

Figure 1: Blockchain SLA management through Pledger SLASC Bridge.

SLASC Bridge is a Pledger core component of a twofold nature. SLASC Bridge creates smart contract counterparts for SLA configurations, known as the Contractual Terms Equivalents (Figure 1) on the blockchain ledger, and assures that SLA violations are recorded and managed on the chain (Violations Handled). Initially, SLASC Bridge projects an SLA configuration into an equivalent smart contract structure that incorporates and specifies the corresponding business intelligence of the SLA, i.e. the contractual terms and behavior of the SLA configuration on the blockchain. Afterwards, the management of relevant SLA violations unfolds on chain and the violations are handled through compensation schemes.

Figure 2: On-chain ledger data range queries through Pledger Wallet.

The Pledger Wallet provides confidential data access and query functionalities to users on a permissioned ledger. Trusted users are able to connect to the blockchain network through their dedicated credentials and to access the respective informational data. When a trusted user logs in their Wallet, they are granted access only to dedicated data inside the ledger and are able to perform range queries on it.