In the scope of the EU-CIP project, INNOV-ACTS has developed a short tutorial in nature course, introducing CIP European initiatives, best practices, and emerging trends

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EU-CIP project | Critical Infrastructure Protection in Europe Enhancing Cross-border Cooperation and Information Sharing

It consists of the following parts:

1.   Introduction to European Directives for Critical Infrastructure Protection

1.1 Overview of critical infrastructure and its importance

1.2 Key concepts and definitions

1.3 Introduction to European Directives related to critical infrastructure protection

2.    Information Sharing for Critical Infrastructure Protection

2.1 Role of information sharing in critical infrastructure protection

2.2 Legal and privacy considerations in information sharing

2.3 Effective information sharing practices

2.4 European mechanisms and platforms for information sharing

3.   Cross-border Cooperation in Critical Infrastructure Protection

3.1 Importance of cross-border cooperation in critical infrastructure protection

3.2 Challenges and barriers to cross-border cooperation

3.3 Best practices in cross-border cooperation

3.4 European initiatives and projects promoting cross-border cooperation

4.   Implementation of European Directives and Future Directions

4.1 European initiatives for strengthening critical infrastructure resilience

4.2 Implementation of European directives related to critical infrastructure protection

4.3 Evaluation and impact assessment of implemented measures

4.4 Emerging trends and future directions in critical infrastructure protection