New Tutorial from the TREEADS project: “Advanced Techniques in Wildfire Management Remote Sensing, Satellite Imagery and Artificial Intelligence”.

The course delves into the fusion of technology and wildfire management, mastering remote sensing, satellite imagery, and AI for proactive fire detection. Ideal for firefighters, scientists, and students passionate about environmental conservation. It consists of the following parts:

1. Introduction to Wildfire Management
1.1. Understanding wildfires and their impact
1.2. Overview of wildfire management strategies
1.3. Introduction to remote sensing and satellite imagery in wildfire management

2. Remote Sensing and Satellite Imagery for Wildfire Detection
2.1. Principles of remote sensing and satellite imagery
2.2. Types of satellite sensors used for wildfire detection
2.3. Application of remote sensing in early wildfire detection
2.4. Image acquisition and processing techniques

3. Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence in Wildfire Detection
3.1. Introduction to artificial intelligence and machine learning
3.2. Overview of AI algorithms used in wildfire detection
3.3. Data preparation and preprocessing techniques
3.4. Training and evaluation of AI models for wildfire detection

4. Application of Artificial Intelligence in Wildfire Detection
4.1. Discussion on the synergy of remote sensing, AI, and traditional wildfire management approaches
4.2. Combining remote sensing technologies with AI for comprehensive wildfire management
4.3. Mapping and assessment of burned areas

5. Remote Sensing and AI Integration in Wildfire Management
5.1. Advantages and limitations of AI-based wildfire detection
5.2. Case studies and real-world applications
5.3. Challenges and Future Prospects