Introducing XR2IND, one of the proud winners of the XR2Learn Open Call 1!  With a dedicated team of technology and business experts, XR2IND is set to revolutionise industrial training through innovative XR solutions. Read their exclusive interview to learn more about their vision for the future of industrial training and the transformative potential of their project.

Can you briefly present us your team? What’s your story and what drives you?

INNOV-ACTS, the leader of the XR2IND project, is a research and innovation intense SME that was founded in 2016 and has ever since grown significantly in terms of employment, solutions, customers, and research outcomes. Our team consists of technology and business experts that are committed to helping enterprises implement ambitious innovation and digital transformation strategies based on cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Virtual Reality (VR), and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). We support our customers across different phases of their innovation development journeys from the development and funding of their strategy to the implementation and integration of AI and IIoT solutions. We mainly focus on industrial (Manufacturing, Oil & Gas) and digital finance sectors, where we have a track record of successful project implementations. INNOV-ACTS participates in relevant EU projects as an integrator of industrial solutions. 

In simple words, what is your project about and how is it linked with XR2Learn?

Our project is about integrating Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) within Extended Reality (XR) representations of industrial training processes. It aims at unveiling and demonstrating the power of LLMs in personalizing and contextualizing XR-based training processes, while at the same time leveraging the user-friendliness of Natural Language Processing (NLP) based interfaces.

How did you come up with this project idea and what benefits will it bring to the end users?

Following the emergence of ChatGPT and the rising interest in LLMs, our company has been developing customized LLM solutions. In this context, the idea of this Open Call project was motivated from the exceptional reasoning capabilities of LLMs, as well as from their ability to enable interactive, ergonomic and naturalist interactions with workers.

Users of the developed solutions will enjoy a dual benefit in their training session:

  • Increased personalization thanks to the consideration of the users’ context by the LLM. For example, expert users will receive faster and to the point support, while novice users will get more analytical steps.
  • Improved user friendliness thanks to the ergonomic chat-based and speech-based interface of the training application.   

In what way is XR2Learn contributing to your own ambitions?

XR2Learn provides us with a golden opportunity to develop and commercialize a novel industrial training solutions that combines the merits of LLM models and XR visualizations. This unique blending of XR and LLMs will help us enter the industrial training market and developing partnerships with training providers and XR vendors.

What type of support do you want to receive from the XR2Learn team?

Support in XR technologies market analysis and integration, including potential use of XR2Learn tools. Support in terms of the XR2Learn marketplace.

What type of synergies do you want to explore/are already exploring with other XR2Learn teams?

Technology related synergies in terms of selection of robust and cost-effective solutions with the highest potential for commercialization. Exploitation related synergies for marketing, commercializing and further developing the solution of this open call.

What are your plans for the future when it comes to the development of your ideas & projects?

   Our team believes in LLMs potential for automating tasks and implementing user-friendly personalized interactions. As LLMs improve in terms of their reasoning capabilities, there will be more innovation opportunities based on LLMs/XR integration. We plan to monitor the evolution of the market in this front in order to further develop and position our solution accordingly.