INNOV-ACTS, representing the TREEADS project, recently participated in the Wildfire Risk Management (WFRM) Project Clustering Event organized by in Brussels on 21-22 November 2023. This hybrid event, held as part of the 7th Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre Annual Seminar, convened industry leaders and experts to address critical issues in wildfire risk management.

One of the main points covered during the event was the discussion of advanced tools and techniques in the TREEADS presentation titled ‘Common Impact Assessment and Implementing Integrated Wildfire Risk Management’.

Additionally, it was suggested to incorporate assets from external projects into the TREEADS Knowledge Hub, fostering collaboration, and fortifying the platform with comprehensive, cross-disciplinary content.

Recognizing the need for precise impact assessment, a proposal for the geographical normalization of baseline impact indicators was made. This involved utilizing European Zones (North vs. South) and Regions within each country for a more efficient evaluation process.

The strategies discussed in the project underscore the serious approach necessary to address the multifaceted challenges arising from wildfires.