In the scope of the EU-CIP project, INNOV-ACTS has developed a short tutorial in nature course on AI for Critical Infrastructure Protection. You can view/access the course at:

About the Course This course is offered by the EU-CIP Horizon Europe Project. It is tutorial in nature and aims at introducing Artificial Intelligence and its use cases in Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). It is tailored to professionals working in critical infrastructure sectors, who would like to understand the capabilities of AI and its potential applications in the CIP domain. The course can also help professionals in other sectors (e.g., security, cybersecurity) to gain insights on how AI can aid in increasing the security and resilience of modern critical infrastructures.

It consists of the following parts:

1.Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
1.1.Overview of Artificial Intelligence
1.2 Types of AI Systems
1.3 Applications of AI in Critical Infrastructures

2.Introduction to Critical Infrastructures Protection
2.1 Overview of Critical Infrastructures
2.2. Challenges in Protecting Critical Infrastructures

3. AI for Critical Infrastructures Protection
3.1 Role of AI in Critical Infrastructures Protection
3.2 AI based anomaly detection for infrastructure monitoring
3.3. AI driven predictive maintenance for infrastructures

4. AI for Cyber-Threat Intelligence
4.1 Introduction to AI in Cyber Threat Intelligence
4.2 Machine Learning Techniques for threat identification
4.3 Natural Language processing for threat analysis

5. AI for Situational Awareness in Critical Infrastructures
5.1 Introduction to Situational Awareness in Critical Infrastructures
5.2 AI based systems for Situational Awareness
5.3 Real time threat detection and response

6. Emerging Trends in AI and Critical Infrastructures
6.1 AI enabled smart infrastructures
6.2 Latest Developments in AI technologies
6.3 Ethical Considerations in ai for critical infrastructures