We are happy to share the highlights of the highly anticipated 4th General Assembly Meeting for the TREEADS project held in Avila, Spain, graciously hosted by the renowned Universidad de Salamanca. Taking place on June 22-23, 2023, this two-day event brought together key stakeholders, including Innov-Acts represented by Vasilis Kontokolias, which presented Market Shaping, Scale-up Business Models, and Socio-Economic Impact (WP9).

The meeting provided a valuable opportunity to delve deep into the progress made in the

specification of the TREEADS outcomes, their value proposition and their potential business models. Innov-Acts, spearheaded insightful discussions, exploring innovative approaches and strategies. The gathering fostered a rich environment of knowledge-sharing and networking, enabling participants to forge new alliances and strengthen existing partnerships.

Stay tuned for more updates, driven by our shared vision of driving positive change through innovation and impactful business models.