Integration of invoicing systems with cryptocurrencies: as cryptocurrencies will sooner or later start replacing fiat money as a mean of financial transaction, new technologies and implementation are needed for integrating cryptocurrencies in the billing and invoicing systems of a company. Innov-acts is implementing a horizontal, interoperable and seamless solution where various mainstream cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, DASH, ZEC, XRP) can be directly used in the invoicing systems of the companies.

Media Outlets

 Innov-acts aims to be a pioneer by disrupting the market with Blockchain based paywalls for monetizing quality content of media outlets: we are currently investigating and building proof of concept for a paywall based on cryptocurrencies (in particular ETH and XRP) that would let big media outlets implement micro-subscription models for their web readers and pay per view/reading of specific articles through cost-effective micro-transactions.