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Blockchain Technology in Finance: Five Use Cases Beyond Cryptocurrencies that You Need to Know

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Blockchain technology become famous following the introduction of blockbuster cryptocurrencies like BitCoin and Ethereum, which are still the sole applications of blockchains at scale. BitCoin and Ethereum have attracted the interest of the financial services industry, while at the same time giving rise to the introduction of additional cryptocurrencies (AltCoins) such as LightCoin, PrimeCoin, NameCoin and

Information Modelling for Integrated (Cyber/Physical) Security Systems

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The H2020 FINSEC project is developing a unified approach to implementing security in the financial services industry, which is based on the integrated management of both cyber and physical security threats. This unified approach is motivated by the need to reduce the fragmentation of the security teams in financial organizations, while at the same time

2 weeks ago
Check out our post on #AI based #Wealth management @Infinitech_EU :
3 months ago
Enjoy reading our recent blog post on the #security challenges in the #Finance sector:
4 months ago
#H2020 SecureGas #project at the Mediterranean #Security Event 2019 #MSE2019 InnovActsLtd photo
4 months ago
#H2020 SecureGas #project at the Mediterranean #Security Event 2019 InnovActsLtd photo
5 months ago
Today we are hosting the #H2020 @finsec_project meeting at Limassol, discussing about #security in #Finance InnovActsLtd photo
9 months ago
Our @finsec_project project has produced a new model for security information in the financial sector, which is conveniently called FINSTIX. INNOV-ACTS. Read an overview of this model in a recent post by our partner CINI: #STIX #Security